Welcome to Noggin Sport.

Here at Noggin Sport, we are dedicated to raising awareness of the effects of mental illness in sport.


Our aim is to keep heads in the game for as long as possible through the creation of a unique headwear range, designed to share and promote the positive effects of mental health awareness.

We are a Community Interest Company, where the profits we make go straight into supporting mental health awareness projects across the UK & Ireland.

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Our logo, the wolf-sheep, is a reverse of the well-known phrase, ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing.’ The wolf is a metaphor for the individual’s outward display of bravery and strength, while the sheep is a metaphor for the individual’s inward feeling of vulnerability.

Often, people keep their ‘sheep’ hidden under their ‘wolf.’ At Noggin, we want to help remove the stigma surrounding mental health issues in sport by reassuring people that it is OK to reveal their 'sheep' and to feel fragile.

To help spread this powerful message, check out the Noggin SHOP for our latest clothing range and help keep heads in the game. 

For helpful information on mental ilness and mental health in sport, visit our SUPPORT page. Why not take our mental health quiz while you are there?